Bay Area Dance Workshops - Indian Contemporary & Bollywood Heels


Bay Area Dance Workshops - Indian Contemporary & Bollywood Heels

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Bay Area - Bollywood Heels + Indian Contemporary Workshop - Amit Patel
Monday, March 25th - 9:15pm - 11:00pm (Indian Contemporary - $20)

Tuesday, March 26th - 9:15pm - 11:00pm (Bollywood Heels - $20)

Package deal - $35 for both classes

Things to Bring:
- Water
- Friends
- An open mind

Indian Contemporary - This class focuses on the fusion of Eastern and Western styles of dance and musical interpretation. We will be using elements from Contemporary, Ballet, and Modern dance with that of Kathak, Bharatnatyam, Chauu, and other Indian folk forms of dance.
Bollywood Heels - This class fuses together Eastern and Western movement & music to have all the fun of Bollywood on HEELS! The goal of this class is to celebrate the power & beauty of diversity within dance. 

This class is a SAFE SPACE to explore sexual identity and gender roles within dance. Through exploration one can get to a place where embracing one's sexuality in dance can mean attain a euphoric sense of empowerment. 

Everyone of all genders, sexual orientations, and ethnic/cultural backgrounds are welcome in this judgement free class.

***Please wear Heels/Shoes that you can move comfortably in***

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